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                    Highest Standards, Satisfaction and Consistency

At tsbmicron , we are committed to the quality and consistency of the services we provide and we have built our reputation on this commitment. As a close partner and integral part of your quality program, you can count on our expertise and experience.

What quality means to us:
  • Well-established and ISO 9001:2015 certified expertise.
  • Rigorous processes meeting the industry's highest standards.
  • Equipment, technology and products meeting the industry's highest standards.
  • A dedicated and well-trained team of specialists.
  • A one-stop service.
  • A personalized service adapted to your needs.
  • A reliable and timely pick-up and delivery service.
  • Quick response to your needs.

Each year, tsbmicron successfully and proudly passes the quality, service and process evaluation tests as required by major corporations from their main suppliers. Come visit our facilities and witness the tsbmicron quality.

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