Cleanroom Laundry Services

Our garment processing operations are performed in a class 100-ISO 5 cleanroom laundry environment. Our rigorous twelve-step cleaning process has earned us the industry's recognition for our high-quality service. Our services involve the following technical features:

Some of the benefits are:


Class 100 cleanroom

99.99% efficient air filtration at 0.30 micron

IES-RP-CC/ASTM / Helmke drum tests

Use of ultra pure water at 0.20 micron/deionized water

Microprocessor-controlled, automated washers and dryers

Bioburden monitoring in the cleanroom, water and on work surfaces

Documentation available for each processed batch, including test results

Comprehensive quality control system: ISO 9001:2015

Customized processing, adapted to each individual client

Use of a bar code system for uniform tracking and inventory management


We also offer a garment pick-up service and guarantee quick delivery to your facility.

Our facility and equipment meet the industry's highest standards, which enables us to meet all of your requirements and respond to any emergency.

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